Securedocs Virtual Data Room Review

Today most enterprises need a full-scale organization of work processes and their maximum automation. And in this case, without the Virtual Data Room class programs can not do.

Ensure productive and safe operation of your business with Data Room

In modern conditions of rapid development of information achievements, any organization consciously or involuntarily becomes hostage to global trends in informatization. In the information society, the production and consumption of information are considered the most important activity, and information is recognized as a valuable strategic resource. The management staff of a modern organization on average spends more than half the time working with information. The current growth and complexity of information arrays, and hence the documentation system, the prosperity of the associated bureaucratization, the increase in overhead costs of paperwork, on the one hand, and the expansion of the use of personal computers for information processing, intensification of non-paper media information, on the other hand, determine the need for research and testing of the latest technologies and systems for managing documented information, accumulated in the concept of electronic document management systems. This is where Virtual Data Rooms can help.

Virtual Data Room (VDR) is software that allows you to store, process, and manage a large amount of company data. The software helps to optimize business processes, conduct business in a balanced manner and keep all information in one structured database.

SecureDocs Data Room: what are the advantages?

SecureDocs is a safe, user-friendly Virtual Data Room for incorporating and sharing sensitive corporate documents with internal and external parties during Due Diligence processes, fundraising events, and other critical legal, real estate, or accounting events. If the transaction is not carried out, companies use SecureDocs as a highly secure company repository. Robust security, centralized management tools, and advanced functions ensure all accountability, while a simple user interface makes it easy to use.

The Digital Data Room includes the following benefits:

  • More efficient operations

Compared to cloud file-sharing sites like Dropbox, VDR platforms have a powerful set of features that streamline the way a dealership works. VDRs allow bidders to keep track of those bidders who liked the know-how, whoever was viewed or qua Documents was busy. Built-in search functions save users the time spent searching for files. This internal Q&A system (essentially an instant messaging service) stores all business messages encrypted and for one place. When updated content is added to the Data Room, the user is kept up to date with email notifications.

  • Reliable protection

VDRs have more control over your business information. Files cannot be copied, misused, or leaked because documents are stored in highly secure data centers. You can control the number of users who access the Room, revoke all document access if this user has opened a file. You can describe and record what people are doing in the Data Room. In addition, personalized watermarks and customizable NDAs can be applied.

  • Reduce the costs

The software reduces delays in the request for documents, eliminates the need for multiple expensive printing services. By working with more efficient platforms like Online Data Room, you can close your deal quicker, which means less time and cash.

  • Deal Coordinators.

All VDR clients are assigned the coordinator who manages everything related to the data room. The Deal Coordinator and the Deal Coordinator team are always ready for operation around the clock and can be reached by telephone, online chat, or e-mail. This help includes setting up and creating your unique index structure for the benefit of your content, creating and managing user groups, etc.