Firmex Data Room Review

Organizing a Virtual Data Room is an important step in improving document exchange and automatization of business operations in general. Here is more about Firmex software.

Virtual Data Room – new opportunities for your business

At the current level of development, process automation is one of the approaches to process management based on the use of information technology. This approach allows you to manage operations, data, information, and resources through the use of computers and software, which reduce the degree of human participation in the process, or completely eliminate it.

If until a certain point in time, while its scale is small, the company has the ability to manage business processes manually, then with its expansion there is a real problem of maintaining control over them. In this case, the company has two options: increasing the number of specialists or automation of business processes.

Automation rather means the most rational distribution of computing and production load between man and machine, the balance of which depends on the specific enterprise and the goals of automation.

Process automation at each of these levels is provided through the use of different systems (CRM systems, ERP systems, Virtual Data Room, OLAP systems, etc.).

Virtual Data Room (VDR) is software for centralized management of document storage in the electronic archive that is implemented as a separate server. It is an integrated system that allows you to comprehensively solve a wide range of tasks. It has the necessary functionality to automate business processes, provides routing, approval, distribution, notification, and execution control.

Firmex Data Room – an advanced solution for companies

Firmex is one of the industry’s most recognized providers of VDRs. In 2006, when the business world struggled with the use of the physical Data Room service, Firmex started as a small virtual firm with several clients from corporate organizations and law firms who believed in their skills. Today, its client database consists of thousands of people from a variety of backgrounds including banking, healthcare, and law. Firmex pricing is comprehensive without having to worry about additional fees.

It is designed to assist large companies that enter into transactions with a high level of confidentiality and exchange large amounts of sensitive data. The Firmex security protocols enable unauthorized access to documents regardless of the status of the person. Your biometric security measures ensure the security of your information in data storage locations. Recording watermarks and tracking user access are some of the impressive features of this virtual room provider.

Firmex also prides itself on the highest level of customer service, providing ongoing support in American English, British English, Canadian English, and more. A great indicator of the superiority or disadvantage of a virtual data room provider is customer support. Many companies in this industry want to provide customer support in multiple languages around the clock, and Firmex does not fail.


What are the functions?

Automation of routine business processes in the enterprise using Firmex Data Room is performed to solve the following tasks:

  • Support of operational activities of the organization, simplification of control and accounting;
  • Quick preparation of various documentation for business partners. Example: invoices, bills of lading, reconciliation acts;
  • Prompt receipt of reports with information on the state of affairs in the organization for any time;
  • Reduction of personnel costs, increase of efficiency of work process thanks to releasing of workers from routine actions;
  • Minimization of the impact on important business processes of the human factor;
  • Improving the quality of service;
  • Secure storage of information.